Acton Refrigeration Inc provides the essential services to maintain your server room at the ideal temperature to protect your sensitive equipment.  The size of your server room, number of servers, amount of ventilation, and thermal output impact the type and size of the cooling system.  Our certified, experienced, and qualified technicians customize our recommendations and services to deliver effective and efficient operation for our customers in Littleton, MA and surrounding areas.  Call us at 978-486-4656 for a full range of server room services, including seamless installation, proactive maintenance, and prompt repair.

Server Room Temperature Control

Cooling equipment specifically designed for computers provide targeted temperature and humidity controls, preventing damage from static electricity or condensation, and minimizing running costs.  Acton Refrigeration Inc offers a wide range of options, from rooftop units to Mitsubishi mini split systems, allowing the zoned conditioning to handle your IT infrastructure. Your servers should be sealed off from an influx of dust and external humidity, and the space maintained between 73 and 77 degrees.  It is essential to avoid temperature stratification, which can endanger servers located at the top of the rack, as hot air tends to rise. At Acton Refrigeration Inc, we prevent problems before they start, protecting the productivity, operation, and bottom line of businesses throughout Littleton, Acton, Harvard, Stow, Westford, Groton, Carlisle, Concord & Sudbury, MA.